Our website makes use of cookies to allow us to understand how our website is used through the use of Google Analytics, and to allow social media integration with Facebook and Tripadvisor. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by websites. You can disable them, but doing so will disable the above features. This may cause an inconvenience to you (as the social media features may not work as intended), and makes it difficult for us to make informed decisions when improving our website.

You can learn more about cookies at http://www.aboutcookies.org/. Details of the cookies we presently make use of can be seen in the table below.

Cookie nameCookie purpose
__utma, __umtb, __utmc, __utmzUsed sitewide and served by google analytics to provide the site owner with analysis of who uses the site, what they are looking for and other information. This allows the site owner to know what people are searching for. This information can be used in the future to improve the site content.
Facebook.comUsed on the home page by the Facebook Like Box widget. Facebook content is customised for exisitng facebook users. The Facebook Like Box shows updates from our Facebook Page and allows visitors to 'like' us
.tripadviser.co.ukUsed on the home page by the Tripadvisor widget. The tripadvisor widget provides a way for visitors to read and leave reviews of us.